1. The data entered must be accurate and, by entering this data, you agree that the same be used by Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo LLC to contact you regarding the next steps of your application.

2. Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo LLC enjoys the right to reject the application/request, if the client does not meet the conditions required by Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo LLC.

3. Contacting the client from the time of application can take up to 48 hours.

4. Protection of Customer Data

• Raiffeisen Bank implements all obligations arising from the Law on Consumer Protection, and as a result, the data you submit in this application is stored in full confidentiality and in no way transferred to third parties. For any additional information regarding Protection of Customer Data, contact us via e-mail: customer.service@raiffeisenkosovo.com, or through the Contact Centre at: 038 222 222 Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo.

5. Please request for terms, fees and additional clarifications from the bank staff when applying at the offices of Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo LLC.